Abigail believes yoga is an embodiment practice – connecting breath, body and spirit.


As a yoga instructor, she guides others through the journey of yoga in their own every day life. 


Abigail began practicing yoga in college after a heart condition pushed her into early retirement from competing as a collegiate swimmer. Yoga became not only a physical outlet but a spiritual channel which allowed her to connect with her breath and energy in a whole new way.


Being that her background and passion is in Ayurveda, she incorporates the awareness of this into each class.


Ayurveda has the power to bring a tangible connection to the natural world every day. Allowing us to get in touch with the five doshas—air, ether, fire, water and earth—creates an awareness like no other. One with self, season, time and more. 


Abigail’s classes are accessible to all and she allows space for freedom in your practice.


Your body is your first teacher in every class, listen to it!


Shanti, shanti, shanti!